All About Our Breast Surgeries

All About Our Breast Surgeries

Our patients want chest surgery after confinement; breast augmentation is the most demanded surgery, but not the only one.

Breast augmentation: It is the surgery that is most in-demand, patients ask us for the result to be a natural, beautiful, and firm breast. The results are spectacular, and the patient improves her silhouette and feels more confident.

Breast augmentation with B-lite: It is a breast augmentation surgery in which we use lighter implants. This surgery is designed for sports patients seeking more comfort during training.

Our expert breast augmentation surgeons will choose the best prostheses for your case, evaluating the shape of the chest and, of course, your wishes and needs.

Breast augmentation in tuberous breasts: The tuberous breast is characterized in that the breast develops with a more pointed shape. Patients who are not happy with the appearance of their chest due to the tuberous breast may resort to this surgery.

Breast reconstruction: It is a treatment designed for patients who have had to undergo a mastectomy and consists of recovering the natural shape of the breasts.

Breast reduction: Like many women want augmentation, others want to reduce their breasts and achieve a firm, light, and well-projected breast. During this surgery, not only is the breast reduced, but it is remodeled.

Breast lift: This surgery is intended for patients who have a “sagging” chest, the fall of this chest can come from sudden changes in weight or pregnancy, among other reasons. In this surgery, the breast is remodeled and raised to achieve a firm chest.